Fashionable shoes in size 41-44

About us

KomOnshoes is a Copenhagen based webshop that has one clear vision. To give women with larger feet the possibility to express their individual style and personality from top to toe.

Because we believe that no matter the size of a woman’s feet, her footwear should never be left outside the door. Instead, it should be invited inside to play and blossom. Because shoes to us are like flowers - an accessory born to make a statement.

For that very reason we set out on a mission. To find not one or two but a whole variety of fashionable and colorful shoes in larger sizes for every occasion. Whether you are on your way to a business meeting, a dinner with your friends, conquering the dance floor or simply strolling down the streets by yourself.

Our aim is to find the best shoe designers around the world and make them produce sizes 41-44 for the benefit of our customers.

The journey has started with the first amazing brands on board. The ride will continue from here and we hope you will join us.

Let your feet blossom

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